We had a dream of a world where everyone could toast to warm summer days and cold summer cocktails all year long.

And so the journey to creating drink mixers that could be sipped all year long and suit everyone’s taste buds, began.  Then, of course, we began creating delicious dips that pair perfectly with our drink mixes or by themselves as an indulgent treat.  We have taken great care in selecting the most delicious flavors.
We are wives, mothers, aunts, sisters, and friends.  We love 80’s music, “big hair” bands, designer bags, the beach, trashy romance novels, and chick flicks.  We love to have a great time, but we are serious about flavor!  Try our cocktail mixers and NOW try our indulgent dips, too!


Enjoy something from all 3 of TCIF, LLC's divisions.
Gantry 5

Sipping Sweethearts

Our Sipping Sweethearts division features our delicious drink mixers! Try one today!

Dipping Sweethearts

Delicious dips! Just add cream cheese and whipped topping.

Cocktails for Cougars

Our line of t-shirts and tumblers. Coming soon!